Had your mortgage for several years and have left it unchecked?
Chances are you're paying Mortgage Loyalty Tax. 

We have a framework designed to fix this and more that's quick and easy and saves your hard earned money.
It's called

On average, it saves our clients $122,215.06  
and reduces their mortgage by 
6 years and 10 months*. 
Our online application process is FREE, quick and easy, allowing you to get on with your busy life. 

It's time to stop paying Mortgage Loyalty Tax.
How do you get rid of 
Mortgage Loyalty Tax? 

We explain in our video.  
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Russell Brunson

Meet John Kennedy, the director of TIDE financial and the creator of 
the LIFE LEVERAGE framework. 

John has been in the finance industry for over 20 years holding senior positions in both Private and Commercial banking for a number of Australia's leading banks. 

However, in 2017 John turned his back on his corporate career and decided to launch his own brokerage and he hasn't looked back. 

John is a man on a mission. 

Ever since his own bank charged him mortgage loyalty tax he has been on a undertaking to eliminate loyalty tax one family at a time. 

Life Leverage will eliminate your mortgage loyalty tax, safeguard against it ever returning and ensure that your hard earned money stays in your pocket and not your banks.


You work hard for your money, so hard for your money.

So why would you want to pay your bank 1 cent more than you have to? 

If you've had your mortgage for a while and left it unchecked, chances are your bank is charging you Loyalty Tax and you ARE paying more than you should

What's Mortgage Loyalty Tax? Watch our video below to learn more. 


Your mortgage is your biggest expense so obviously you'd want to pay it off as soon as possible. 

But your bank wants you to stick around as long as possible. 

That is why the way your bank set up your mortgage ensures you'll pay the most amount of interest over the longest possible period.

This is something you need to change ASAP. 


Our Life Leverage Framework on average saves our clients $122,215.06  and reduces their loan term by 6 years and 10 months. 

Our framework also ensures that your mortgage stays working for you, not against you. 

We do this by providing you with free annual reviews on your mortgage. 

If Mortgage Loyalty Tax starts to creep up on you we'll negotiate with your bank to get rid of it ...again. 
To learn more about Life Leverage watch our video here: 
Does the  
Life Leverage framework really get results?

Winston & Anne Marie

  • $140,394.79 interest saved. 
  • ​5 years and 8 months off their mortgage. 
"We always thought that refinancing our mortgage was too much hassle and that we couldn’t get a better deal then what we already had. 

John proved us wrong!"

Rob & Beth

  • $134,400.03 interest saved. 
  • ​7 years and 1 month off their mortgages.
"We highly recommend John."

Linda & Will

  • $317,546.48 interest saved. 
  • ​14 years and 7 months off their mortgages. 
"I read Johns post some months ago and as John states I put it in the too hard basket! 

Until we chatted. 

Get on board you will not be disappointed."


Watch the case study video where we show you how Life Leverage can work for you.


Book yourself in for a FREE 15 minute Strategy Session call where we'll show you exactly how much you'll save.


We'll implement the Life Leverage Framework for you, for FREE, while you get on with life. 
If you're ready to STOP paying Mortgage Loyalty Tax right now, book yourself in for a FREE 15 minute Strategy Session and we'll make it happen.
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*This is an average taken from a selection of the results gained from all strategy sessions during a specified time period. Individual results may vary. 
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