The Refinance Specialists.

It's all we do, day in and day out.  

In fact we are so good at it we can save you DOUBLE the amount on a traditional refinance with our signature framework. 
It's called
reMortgage Method

On average, we save our clients $122,215.06  
and reduce their mortgage by 
6 years and 10 months*. 
Our online application process is FREE, quick and easy, allowing you to get on with your busy life. 

Would you like to know more? 

Request our cheat sheet where we explain how it's done.    
"The Secret of Getting the Best Results for Your Small Business Is Joining the Inner Circle."
Russell Brunson

Here's How We Do It! 


Our refinance process is 100% online and starts with a 20 minute consultation call with an industry professional who will guide you through your options. 

We have access to all the best deals on the market for you to choose from so you can be assured that your getting the best rate possible for your individual situation. 

After this call your job is almost done. We'll handle the rest on your behalf putting together your application and managing it all the way through to settlement.

For free. 


This is the difference between a traditional refinance and a 
reMortgage refinance. 

The banking industry has done a great job of making you focus exclusively on the rate when looking to refinance. 

Then once you've signed on the dotted line they lock you into a structure that ensures you pay the most amount of interest over the longest possible period. 

We flip this on it's head with a restructure that your bank isn't going to show you but is available to everyone.......but when all is said and done you'll save double the amount over a traditional refinance. 

To learn more request a copy of our cheat sheet below or book yourself in for a 20 minute consultation. 


Unlike your current bank we actually look after our customers well after their reMortgage. 

This includes an annual review of your mortgage every year to make sure your bank hasn't started charging you Mortgage Loyalty Tax. 

If they have we fight for you and get them to eliminate it.

Book your Free 20 Minute Consultation Here where we'll show you exactly how much you'll save

A Few 
reMortgage Success Stories

Winston & Anne 

  • $140,394.79 saved. 
  • ​​5 years and 8 months off their mortgage.
"We always thought that refinancing our mortgage was too much hassle and that we couldn’t get a better deal then what we already had. 

John proved us wrong!"

Rob & Beth

  • $134,400.03 saved.  
  • ​​7 years and 1 month off their mortgages.
"What else can we say but we highly recommend John."

Linda & Will

  • $317,546.48 saved. 
  • 14 years and 7 months off their mortgages. 
"I read Johns post some months ago and as John states I put it in the too hard basket! 

Until we chatted. 

Get on board you will not be disappointed."

Joseph C.

  • ​$121,523.21 saved. 
  • ​​6 years and 4 months off his mortgage.
"Easy to deal with and very prompt response. 

He will save us $120k in interest and 6 years off our loan without increasing our current repayment.

It's a simple but effective strategy." 

Kevin H.

  • $165,485.73 saved
  • ​​7 years and 3 month off his mortgage.
"A big thank you John for your advice and work on moving us to a much better home loan package.... you’ve saved us a small fortune."

Nick R.

  • $137,724.48 saved.
  • 6 years and 2 months off his mortgage. 
"John is an outstanding broker at the top of his game" 

To find out how we do it you can request our cheat sheet here.  

Meet John Kennedy, the founder of TIDE Financial and the creator 
of the reMortgage Method. 

John has been in the finance industry for over 20 years holding senior positions in both Private and Commercial banking for a number of Australia's leading banks. 

In 2017 John turned his back on his corporate career and decided to launch his own brokerage and he hasn't looked back. 

John lives on Sydney's Northern Beaches with his wife,  
3 young boys and one crazy Kelpie dog.

 So he understands how busy family life can be.

When he started his brokerage he decided to specialise in helping busy everyday families, just like his, save a small fortune on their mortgage by refinancing. 

"Our results speak for themselves and I can really relate to every single one of my clients because I've been there". 

Even my own bank took my loyalty for granted and I was a banker at the time. 

So if it was happening to me, what hope does the average punter have". Says John. 

So John took his 20 plus years experience and developed the re-Mortgage Method saving his clients double the amount over a traditional refinance in 3 simple steps. 


Book a 20 minute phone or Zoom consultation where we'll show you exactly how much extra you'll save with the reMortgage Method. 


After being walked through your options you'll provide us with some basic information to allow us to put together your application with your chosen lender.


Leave the rest up to us and get on with your busy life.
We'll do everything for you right through to settlement. 
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*These figures are a average taken from a selection of the results gained from all consultations during a defined period of time. Individual results will vary. 
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