I help mortgage holders ensure
their debt isn't holding them back from providing the life they want for themselves and their families. 
On average Life Leverage sets our clients up: 

* To become mortgage free, 6 years and 10 months earlier. 

* Saving $122,215.06 in interest. 

* Without paying any extra than what you're currently paying your bank right now. 

And this is just part one of the strategy. Where you go to from there is up to you with the guidance of Life Leverage. 

To find out how much sooner you can get rid of your mortgage, book yourself in for a FREE 15 minute strategy session. 

On the surface, I had everything under control.

A great job, happy family, and we’d just purchased our forever home near the beach. 

I was doing all the right things. 

Providing for my family. 

Being a good father.

Rising up the corporate ladder. 

 BUT my mortgage was big.


It now felt like my dream home and my mortgage was a noose around my neck, holding me back from achieving everything I set out to achieve before the wife, kids and the mountain of responsibility. 

I had plans. Ambitious Goals. Dreams.

A vision of how my life was going to turn out.

Sending my kids to the best school I could afford, overseas holidays with the family, money in the bank, and maybe even a nice car.

I’d tell myself that I’d still achieve this and more … but the positivity was fleeting and quickly overtaken by doubt from the tsunami of pressure that had swept in long ago. 

So, I did nothing about it for way too long. 

I’d accepted my fate. 

I let my bank set up my mortgage which ensured I’d pay the most amount of interest over the longest possible period. 

Just like they do with every single one of their customers.

As a banker at the time, this was a crazy way to live. 

I had a career of knowledge, how to work the system, shift the balance of power back in my favour. 

But I wasn’t doing any of it. 

Just paying my monthly repayments as instructed. 

Living month by month. 

My mortgage had paralysed me. 

Finally, during one of my fleeting moments of positivity I sprang into action. 

I sat down and looked at where I went wrong and implemented a strategy to fix it.

I was now in control of my mortgage.

Slashing over 7 ½ years off my mortgage and in the process saved $170,909.48 in unnecessary interest costs. 

BUT most importantly…..

It lifted a huge weight off my shoulders and silenced the doubting voices in my head. 

All my dreams and goals were back on the table. 

It’s my signature strategy and it’s called Life Leverage. 

It’s a FREE strategy that ensures your leverage isn’t holding you back from the life you want to provide for you and your family. 

It’s a tailored done for you strategy that will be implemented while you get on with life.


Mortgage holders that want to stop living month to month, pay check to pay check and finally gain some real clarity direction around their finances. 

Those that have future plans that currently are not possible if they keep doing the same thing.

People that believe in working smarter not harder and would rather pay off their mortgage much sooner than the banks standard 30-year term.

Those that like to set their own agenda. Why has your bank dictated to you when your going to pay, how your going to pay and how long you'll be their customer?  


Mortgage holders that explicitly trust their bank and want to continue be told when to pay and how to pay every month for the next 30 years. 

Those that are just rate shopping for the cheapest mortgage. I can do this all day long with the best of them, but this strategy is SO much more than just a cheap rate.  

If you’d like to learn more about Life Leverage, watch our FREE video where we’ll explain in more detail.  

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